Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

The celebration for our family began on Friday, when I went to a Mother's Day Tea at Luke's school. Luke made me a crown, a sun catcher, and a handprint photo. We had muffins and his class sang two songs. It was cute and fun.

Saturday, Thomas and I had a date night. We went to Sotterley Plantation for a wine/food tasting. We don't really drink wine, but we thought we would give it a try. We enjoyed the experience and there was some delicious food, including crab cakes, barbecue pork sliders, and chocolate covered strawberries. We also got to walk around the plantation house which we both enjoyed. It was very fun night!

Selfie from the portico

Sunday, we told the kids we had a fun surprise for them, but that it required they get up early because we had to be in Annapolis by 9. They had no trouble getting up and we left right on schedule. The surprise was a ride on the Chesapeake Pirate's Cruise! First, they got their pirate names (Lookout Luke, Jumpship Jack, Krazy Kara & Almighty Anna). Then, they got their pirate outfits and faces painted.  Anna wanted to be a mermaid, everyone else was a pirate. We took pictures and then climbed aboard the ship.

Luke loved the pirate garb!

which was followed by the painting process

Anna opted for a mermaid look, the rest of the kids were pirates. We were one happy family!
We sailed around the river looking for treasure. The kids got to shoot water canons at a scallywag pirate. They found the treasure, drank some grog and cruised around the harbor. The kids absolutely loved it. They all wanted to know when we could go again. Most of the other participants were in the 2-5 age range, but our big kids didn't mind and were very enthusiastic throughout the whole experience.

It was pretty cold for the thieving pirate. But, he was a good sport and even allowed us to knock him in the water. Luke loved this part and kept wanting to shoot the canons.

Drinking their grog as they wave at the people in the harbor.

Lookout Luke with Terrifying Thomas

From there, we went to the Annapolis Mall. We walked around and had lunch. On the drive home, I played the music I felt like listening to and then let everyone else have a say (and "You're Welcome" from Moana has been in my head ever since). We came home, I took a nap, talked with my sister for awhile and enjoyed my gifts. I love when the kids write what they think of me. It is fun to see where their minds are. For example, Kara apparently thinks I really like to nap. I actually don't nap very much, because I like to keep to the same sleep schedule, but apparently, she really notices when I do (honestly, today was probably the first nap I've taken in months). I do like to lay in bed and read, so maybe she assumes I've fallen asleep? Anyway, I had lots of gifts from each of them, here's a few:

From Kara

Kara, part two


Little Lukey hands

And, sweet Anna's

I always feel a little sad seeing the Mother's Day stuff in the stores, I miss my own mom so much. But, I am extremely grateful for the family I have and that love that I feel for them, not just on Mother's Day, but every day.

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