Monday, July 31, 2017

First Week Back at Work & A Picture Summary

Monday, July 24th marked my first day of full-time work in almost 7 years. Thanks to the Reserves, I have had brief stints of employment, but there was always an end date. Not any more. Well, I suppose an end date could be 2037 when I turn 60 and retire. One week down, 1040 to go! ;)

It was a good first week. My first two days were spent in an orientation with other new employees from all departments. I was the only person in my profession. Since then, I have mostly been reading instructional manuals and following people to their meetings. Soon, I will have computer access and then I imagine I will have to do actual work. It is strange to be starting over again at the ripe middle age of 40. I don't feel old, but I am older than the majority of my coworkers and at a different stage in life. But, I don't mind, I have had good experiences to this point and am grateful for both the time I spent in the workforce and the time spent at home.

I think I am going to enjoy working, although it is kind of a bummer to come home and still have to deal with all the chaos that awaits (Thomas isn't saying "I told you so"... yet. I should have been more sympathetic before forcing him to jump right in after work). The kids have made a few comments about wishing I was still home, but overall they seem happy and content with the arrangements we have made for them. Of course, this whole arrangement is in its infancy, but I think it will be even easier when school starts. Well, easier for me, since I will only feel like I am missing out on time with Luke instead of all four of them.

We have done a lot that I haven't written about and I am falling way behind. So, perhaps a picture summary is in order:

One weekend we checked out a sunflower maze. Most of the kids were scared of the thousand of bees that were flying around, but Kara, Thomas and Luke made it through.

We shall call him Simba, err, I mean Luke.

I love that our new dentist schedules the kids (almost) simultaneously. All 4 were free of cavities, but Kara does have to get a baby tooth pulled to make room for an adult one :(

Love, love, LOVE this picture Thomas took of Luke
Thomas' good friends the Koc's came out for a visit. We had a great trip to DC that included a tour of the Capitol building.

They also went to Mount Vernon (while I was slaving away at work)
Unfortunately, their visit was marked by a lot of rain. But, the kids enjoyed going to the indoor pool and stomping in the puddles.

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